The Basics – Learning To Weld

There are reasons why folks want to learn to weld, for many people it’s simply for a hobby like restoring a vintage automobile or perhaps you’re an artist wanting to learn to weld bronze or stainless steel. On this page we outline the fundamentals of welding and what methods are best for different situations and metals.

Possibly the simplest and most flexible form of welding is making use of a Mig welder. Mig welding is simple to master and also may be used for welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Mig welders are in a position to weld very thin metals like auto bodies and also thicker metals of more than one inch thick. As a mig welder uses a wire feed system you’ve excellent command of the process via use of the mig gun or perhaps handpiece.

For welding heavy metal the welder must have adequate energy to do it, requiring power output of around 400 amps. the average small home or workshop mig machine generally has power of between 150 and 250 amps. This will be ready to weld around 1/4 to 1/2 inch heavy steel.

The next choice to learn to weld is to make use of a stick welder machine. While these’re quickly being replaced by mig machines they still have their uses. Generally used for mild steel welds, also great for stainless steel and cast iron repair.

Its more complicated to control than a mig welder because of the length of the electrode. Not great for welding thin metal together with the very best sizes aproximatelly 1/8 inch and upwards.

Gas welding. This is the original way to weld. Mostly used today for joining and repair of copper and bronze metals but can be used for steel. This is a great technique to learn to weld as you’re given experience on the fusion process.

The final choice is TIG welding. Most likely the toughest to learn to weld. Similar in a method to the process of gas welding. This procedure is ideal for aluminium, steel and stainless steel. the finish is exceptional with tiny and clean welds possible. Ideal for thin metals.

Getting tuition to learn to weld can be performed at any nearby college evening classes or maybe from a private tutor. Additionally, there are some great tutorials on line which may be bought at very affordable prices in case you want to practice on your own.y

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