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A new book is born every day. We can also see that books are riding the waves of technology and evolving as we speak. Both traditional books and eBooks offer a wealth of information and entertainment. While you always gain something useful from books, the time spent reading one makes one seek for only the best and worthwhile.

We at A Common Reader believe that There is a book for Everyone.

We provide fun and concise book reviews to narrow down your search to only the cream of the crop–from the classics to the contemporary genres. Young or old, there is a book that can capture your imagination and satisfy your curiosity.

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We also affirm that Reading will never go passé.

Reading materials may change their form, but the wonder that they bring will always remain. It was an excellent source of knowledge in the past, and we see that it will thrive in the future.

Come and join us as we immerse ourselves in the remarkable world of books!

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